• how to love others
    faith,  grace

    How To Love People That Hurt You

    There is something really special about a human who has a deep relationship with Jesus. 💗 They make time for Jesus, even when life is chaotic. They listen to people’s hurts and offer comfort and prayer. They serve the people God places in their life in big and little ways. Their…

  • how to have gratitude
    faith,  giving thanks

    Exercising A Thankful Heart

    I used to be a runner, averaging about 10 miles every other day for years. Then a car accident happened in my early thirties that required the Jaws of Life to come and rescue me. Nothing was broken, but everything hurt. It was a trauma that radically changed my life.…

  • 5 keys to leaving a Godly legacy

    How To Be A Legacy Maker

    What type of legacy do you want to leave for future generations? Lately I have felt pretty defeated when it comes to the idea of leaving a legacy. We can’t have kids naturally, which makes the whole leaving things behind to people hard! At one point we decided to adopt…