No more comparison

It’s exhausting comparing yourself to others. Be who God created you to be and live in the beauty of that truth. Take the FREE GRACE CHALLENGE. Get free Bible study worksheets, prayer & gratitude pages designed to draw you closer to Jesus.

Be the special person God created ONLY you to be!

“A breath of fresh air for my soul!”

Nicki is a radio personality, digital content manager, writer and Bible retreat speaker who loves cupcakes, coffee, messy kitchens, her husband and Jesus. Just not in that order!

Nicki skillfully blends humor with Biblical truth. She is passionate about helping women draw closer to Jesus in the middle of their busy lives.

Live for an audience of One.

Free 5-day Grace Challenge

Get free Bible study worksheets, prayer & gratitude pages designed to draw you closer to Jesus.

Bible study worksheets, plus prayer and gratitude pages designed to help you unpack the gift of God’s grace and walk in the freedom that comes from being a child of a King! No more worrying about how your faith measures up to others. It’s time to start living for an audience of One. Sign up today!

Nicki Schroeder

Showered In Grace

Purposeful ministry

Nicki writes and speaks about the messy, broken pieces of our faith journey and the beauty that Christ weaves through our stories.


There is freedom and joy when you can just be you.


When your world is falling apart, let Jesus put you back together.


Ditch the comparison trap and live a life showered in grace.

Bible Retreat Speaker

Nicki’s a gifted communicator and writer. I’m impressed by her ability to go beyond superficial reflections on topics to provide new and deep insights into challenging subjects. I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker for community and Christian groups.

Dr. Harry Shields

Moody Theological Seminary

Nicki shares Biblical truth and humor that encourages women to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord no matter where they are in their faith journey!  Check out this form to request Nicki to speak or get more info by clicking the buttons below.

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Truth your Heart Needs

We have an enemy who wants us to blend in with the crowd. Jesus wants us to shine for Him.

More than just a website

“It’s a happy spot on the internet where you can escape and find a little humor and joy to shake up your daily routine.” – Jade

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