Glorify Jesus in the middle of your busy, beautiful life!

Hi friend! I’m Nicki. I have a lot on my plate each day. I bet you do too!

Some of my roles include wife, sister, friend, radio personality, singer, writer and speaker. I’m working on adding musician (guitar) to the list too. I love challenging myself with new things.

I’ve battled years of infertility, along with a very painful failed adoption of three little people. Life can get overwhelming when it doesn’t go according to our plans. I’m so thankful God loves us, no matter what crazy comes our way.

Just thinking about all the roles we play daily as women exhausts me.

I don’t know how long your to-do list is, but mine ALWAYS seems too long. Trying to find “me time” each day to fuel my mind, body and soul is a struggle. Doesn’t self-care often feel like one more thing on your list?

Ever feel like your too busy to get into God's Word?

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Feel like you never measure up?

I struggle with that a lot. Like a lot a lot. But I have finally realized, it’s okay.

I’ll never be perfect. I will never fit a size zero. I will never have perfect hair. Or perfect makeup. And forget about perfect nails or the latest fashions. It’s just not who I am.

Sometimes we forget to be real.

We put on our smiley faces, tell the world we are “fine” and go about our day, barely scratching the surface with our husbands, family and friends. Sometimes we even fool ourselves. It’s so stinkin’ exhausting, isn’t it?

So let’s be real. With God. Ourselves. Our family and friends. Let’s bask in the freedom that only comes from being a child of a King!

Let’s live our lives #showeredingrace that only comes from Jesus!

My prayer is that we will live lives of authenticity. Find freedom in being who God created us to be. Stop trying to be like other people and own our own uniqueness!

I pray we will choose to be joyful during the difficult moments. Recognize that God is with us in the big and little decisions of our days. And just stop trying to hard to fit a mold we were never created for. There’s so much freedom and joy in being who God created us to be!

Be the special person God created YOU to be!

Take time today to celebrate God’s great love for you. Glorify Jesus in the middle of your busy, beautiful life!

xoxo Nicki