Soul encouragement + laughter with gentle reminders to embrace grace.

I love to encourage the people God has placed in my life, as well as those I meet every day and spend time with on-air as a Christian radio personality in the beautiful Midwest! God wired me as an encourager and that’s what I hope the ladies at your event feel – empowered, equipped and encouraged to draw closer to Jesus, no matter where they are in their faith journey.

If you’re looking for a Biblically-sound speaker who will challenge and encourage your female attendees to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord, please take some time to look over the information below.

“Nicki is a gifted communicator and writer. I am impressed by her ability to go beyond superficial reflections on a topic to provide new and deep insights into challenging subjects. I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker for both community and Christian groups.” – Dr. Harry Shields, Moody Theological Seminary and author of Caring for Souls.


I’m an inspirational speaker with messages deeply rooted in God’s Word. My professional experience ranges from addressing large audiences of thousands to small intimate gatherings like Christmas teas, morning retreats, workshops and seminars. I love to challenge myself with new formats and spaces! My talks are tailored to your specific women’s event/audience needs.


My messages are deeply rooted in God’s Word. The things I’m most passionate about in life (and in my writing), are the same things I love speaking to women about. They include my own personal, grace-filled testimony, as well as Biblical topics like:

  • Rooting our identity in Christ
  • Falling in love with a King
  • Finding joy in our trials
  • Discovering perfection in Jesus
  • Jesus: the ultimate superhero
  • Unwrapping God’s gift of grace
  • Embracing our God-given purpose
  • Living out an authentic faith
  • Sharing His glory, telling His story


I created a testimonial page with feedback from retreat attendees and women’s ministry leaders to give you a better understanding of my speaking style and engagement level. Check it out!

Contact Me

To get in touch with me about your event, please go to the contact form and fill out your request. I’ll get back to you typically within 24-48 hours.

Please know that my life includes full-time ministry, freelance writing and making sure my family doesn’t starve to death or get lost in a mountain of laundry. I always take time to pray before committing to events. I want to honor what’s best for your ministry (+ my sanity!)