"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou


Stuff I have written for online sites and print publications. You can find some of the highlights here.

Searching for love in all the wrong places – an article about being almost trafficked as a young adult and pointing young women to Christ for BeLydia.org, an anti-trafficking organization in Texas.

5 Simple Words I Wish I Added To My Wedding Vows, an article about how to love your spouse more, For Every Mom.

Sunday Morning Scripture – an article about how to prepare your heart for Sunday mornings on the Arabah Joy blog.

How To Trust In God’s Greater Plan For Your Life, an article about how to trust in Jesus during hard stuff at Dawn Klinge author.

5 Healthy Self-care Tips You Need to Know, an article discussing healthy ways to destress at Dawn Klinge author.

5 Things You Can Do That Will Leave A Legacy, an article on legacy from a woman with no kids at Deb Wolf’s Counting My Blessings.

How To Thrive When You Need A Spiritual Pep Talk, an article on finding joy in your hard times at Deb Wolf’s Counting My Blessings.

How To Love Your Spouse When You Don’t Feel Like It, an article on surviving when marriage gets hard at Valerie Murray’s Courageous Faith blog.

How To Trust God In Your Brokenness, an article on how to cling to Jesus when life doesn’t make sense at Diana’s Diaries


My top work from home tip shared by Marva Smith in “7 Smart Ways To Work From Home.”

On a list of the most inspiring Christian Blogs on the web at Melanie Redd, Ministry of Hope.

How To Punch Fear In The Face, an article on overcoming fear, part of Alisa Nicaud at Flourishing Today’s “Fear to Freedom Tour.

12 Helpful Posts That Will Make Your Marriage Stronger, my article on loving your spouse all year long was featured at Deb Wolf’s Counting My Blessings blog.

How To Love Your Valentine All Year Long and Lighting Up The New Year were also featured at 5 Minutes for Faith.