victory in Christ series

Your Voice Matters!

Do you ever feel like your hopes, dreams, fears or worries go unheard by the people around you? Have you ever felt invisible to the people you come in contact with each day? You’re definitely not alone! We all struggle with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness from time to time. I think the enemy of …

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5 Truths That Feed Your Soul

My job on the air at a Christian radio station allows me to say a lot of words every day. They are intentional words chosen to connect, encourage, lighten the mood, and empower someone in their walk with Jesus. I always choose words that bring life and give hope. Not words that tear people down. …

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Punch Fear In The Face

punch fear in the face - victory in Christ

I have battled so much fear lately. That’s hard to admit. I don’t like people to see me as weak. But my battle has been intense. From literal fear that has  left me frozen in place, to fear that has mentally and emotionally tore me apart from the inside out. Fear really sucks. We all …

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