{live for an audience of One}

God designed each of us so uniquely and wonderfully for a relationship with Him. We need to stop banging ourselves up when our walk with the Lord doesn’t measure up to how others live out their Christian lives.  Don’t be a cookie-cutter Christian. Stop comparing yourself to other Christians. Ditch the comparison trap and learn to live for an audience of One!

Pray For A Marriage In Need!

Pray for a marriage in need

As a newlywed 18+ years ago, I thought marriage was going to be all rainbows and roses like they portrayed in fairy tales and movies growing up. WRONG! Healthy marriages are filled with low points too. When you realize this truth, it becomes easier to have grace for your spouse. We’re all sinners, right? So …

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Trusting God In Your Pain

I have a friend who goes up to her cabin and spends regular weekends with Jesus. She walks in the woods and watches deer dancing in her front yard. She spends hours in her Bible. And many more hours on her knees confessing sins. She sings hymns and praises to our King. OK, I’ll admit …

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5 Truths That Feed Your Soul

My job on the air at a Christian radio station allows me to say a lot of words every day. They are intentional words chosen to connect, encourage, lighten the mood, and empower someone in their walk with Jesus. I always choose words that bring life and give hope. Not words that tear people down. …

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Spend More Time With Jesus

spend more time with Jesus

Hi, my name is Nicki. I don’t read my Bible every single day. Don’t judge me for being honest. I often think, “Girl, you need to sit down and read your Bible today.” But most days when I sit down, all I can do is think about all the other stuff I need to do. …

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