Don’t You Love Fresh Starts?

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There is something really beautiful about do overs and fresh starts, don’t you think?

Fresh starts are a lot like rainbows on a stormy day.

It’s a New Year. A time for a fresh start.

Your slate is wiped clean. You can rewrite your story. Learn from your mistakes. Reinvent yourself. It’s such a fun and blessed thing.

And I don’t know about you, but it stresses the heck out of me every single year. Like crazy.

Every year at this time, for more years than I can count, I have made mental and literal lists of the things I’m going to change over the coming calendar year. It usually looks a lot like this:

I’m going to lose the final 20 pounds.
Drink more smoothies. Exercise more.
Use Facebook less. Write more.
Socialize more. Read more, TV less.
Learn to play the guitar.
Go on a great adventure.
Clean my messy basement.
Take more time for myself.
Create a bucket list. Cross an item off said bucket list.
Serve in my community more.
Pray more. Bible study more. Journal more.

Less of some stuff and more of others. Either way, it’s all just a bunch of things that stress me out!

I mean, seriously, who can do all that? In one year? Let’s get real!

Some years my list is so big, I shut down by the 2nd day of the New Year and do nothing for the next 363 days.

Ever been there? Your list is so big that you just don’t even know where to start? You go into mental overload?

And if you tell me that you don’t have any resolutions this year. Get real. If you are female and have Y chromosomes raging through your body, you have a resolution or two. Maybe three. Admit it!

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Why do we do this to ourselves every stinkin’ year?

Say we will eat better, exercise more, lose those last 5, 10, 15 or 20 pounds, it is NOT a list that’s typically healthy.

We beat ourselves up making the list. And then we beat ourselves up even more when we don’t achieve it.

Last year, I wrote a post that went viral because I was totally against making any resolutions, including doing that whole “One Word” movement. It annoyed a lot of list makers.

This year I’m embracing the whole one word movement. Not to jump on a bandwagon, because I hate bandwagons. But I decided it will give me focus in my life: in my writing, daily devotions, housework, time with family and friends and even with some upcoming speaking engagements.

What you are doing for the New Year?

Have made any resolutions? Are they already stressing you out? If so, throw them away! Pick a word, or a phrase, or a Scripture verse, or something else that’s small, but will provide freedom to stay focused on whatever path God has for you this year. And then enjoy the ride!

Be the special person God created you to be!

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