You’re special. There’s no one else like you on the planet.

So often we try to be a cookie-cutter Christian and blend in with the crowd. But Jesus wants us to shine for Him!

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I put a lot of prayer into the grace challenge. It’s designed for women of all ages and levels of study. My hope is that by the end of the grace challenge you will be on the road to deeper freedom in Christ. As you unpack and meditate on God’s Word, I pray you discover the wonderful blessings He has in store for YOU!

Keep looking up!

xoxo, Nicki

"The Grace Challenge" is a 5-day adventure to focus on God's goodness and your uniqueness. Because God's awesome and you’re pretty special too!

Bible study worksheets + prayer and gratitude journal pages to help you glorify Jesus in the middle of your busy, beautiful life!

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