{overcoming trials}

Encouragement for overcoming trials. Life is hard, so next time the world is falling apart, let Jesus help put you back together. A grateful heart is a spiritual medicine necessary for overcoming trials. Take time to praise Jesus in your storms!

A Weary Soul In Search Of Rest

I honestly don’t understand why hard stuff happens in our lives. But the Bible doesn’t promise us that once we accept Jesus as our Savior and enter into a relationship with Him that it’s all rainbows, lollipops and roses. I wish! God promises that He will be with us when we face trials. “So be …

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Jesus Is Our Living Hope

I grew up with abusive parents who were also addicts. For many years of my adult life, I kept that truth a secret. In “the church” there seems to be some stigma and shame attached to people who come from messy backgrounds. But having a messy childhood is part of my story. And hiding that …

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