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I get a little giddy at the start of a new calendar year, don’t you? The possibilities seem endless, the slate is wiped clean, we have a fresh start. Then we often ruin it by creating mental lists of things we want to do. Lose more weight, eat healthier, read our Bibles more, exercise more, blah blah blah. Usually, three weeks or so into a New Year, we feel suffocated under such unrealistic expectations.

Did you know only 12% of Americans follow through with their New Year Resolutions? I find comfort in this sad statistic some days!

You are a light to this dark world. Let the brilliance of Jesus shine brightly in you! Click To Tweet

What if this year we stopped wanting to do more and instead we choose to focus on filling ourselves up with more of Jesus?

Last weekend, I found myself up before sunrise reflecting on all the craziness ahead in the new year. As I sat in the quiet of my home, with a warm cup of coffee in hand, I looked out at the beautiful maple tree in our front yard. This tree that has brought such beauty and joy into our lives over the past decade is being cut down soon. It’s the tree I often stare at while spending quiet time with the Lord. When my spirit was in a season of thanklessness during our infertility journey, I would often gaze at this sturdy tree and thank the Lord for its beauty and for the shade it provides our home in the warm afternoon sun.

This beautiful tree has stood solid, strong and firm in the same spot for almost 100 years. It has brought comfort and rest to many birds and squirrels long before our subdivision was built. It has provided me and my husband with quality entertainment as we’ve watched squirrels battle it out for “turf rights” to run up and down that tree.

As life changes, circumstances and people weave in and out of our lives, and seasons come and go, but Jesus is always with us. The great Emmanuel. The King of Kings. Our Lord is the strong, sturdy and constant presence that we can turn to in times of comfort.

The Lord has filled my heart with hope for a year filled with endless opportunities to choose good over evil; kindness over crudeness; service over self. I even find myself looking forward to what this summer will bring with all the extra space in our yard due to the loss of that maple tree. More mini golf and croquet tournaments held in our front yard. More giggles and laughter and fun with close friends and family.

We have to-do lists a mile long and more than enough to keep us occupied and stressed. But we need to stop and reflect in the middle of our busy, beautiful lives:

Matthew 5: 14-15 – “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.”

Choose to rest on the beautiful hope that Jesus provides in the days ahead.

Just as the moon reflects the glory of the sun, we must let the light that is Jesus shine in us as we go throughout our busy days.

You are a light to this dark world. Let the brilliance of Jesus shine brightly in you!

Be the special person God created you to be!

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22 thoughts on “Spread A Little SonShine Wherever You Go”

  1. A beautiful reflection and great reminder. The title of this post makes me think of my mom. Her mission – every single day and everywhere she goes – is to bring a smile to the face of anyone she interacts with. And she’s usually successful. She has cultivated this habit over decades of diligence and intention and prayer. It is a marvelous thing to see the Lord transform a grouchy fast food employee to a laughing one after my mom’s order. Or a flustered mama of littles take a deep breath and thank my mom for helping her get her groceries into her car. These are small things, but I’ve learned so much from watching her. I aspire to provide shade and shelter and encouragement to others the way she does. Thanks for reminding me of this today!

    1. I love how much you love your mom shines through your comments about her in these thoughts Jana. I love how much Jesus shines through in your words about your mom too. I hope you can take time and share with your mom the lovely thoughts you shared here with me! Blessings to you xoxo

  2. This is a great focus for a new year! It’s so true that we get caught up in all we want to do and achieve at times. Much better to fill up on Jesus and let him shine through!

  3. Great reminder!
    You are handling the loss of the tree better than I would lol! I cried when a tree at our previous house fell in a storm. I love trees, especially in town. Bit silly I know! 🙂

    1. Not silly at all. That tree has been gone for a while and I STILL miss it. 🙂 Especially all the squirrels and birds that liked to hang out and give me a show in our front window!

  4. Beautiful story Nicki. I love how you talk about letting God’s light shine through us. That is part of my prayer everyday, that the light of Jesus would shine in this dark world through my family and me. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  5. This post is beauty! Beauty because it speaks of the beauty that our Jesus can transform us from the inside out and then we get to be the light to help someone else to see what His power, love and ALL that He is can do within hearts. Transformation is priceless. This is a reminder of how much more I need to lean in so I can have more of Him to share, thank you.

  6. The choice is ours. And yes, I want to spread a little sonshine. (I love your comment about we ruin the new year by making a list of things we want to do. I guess I am not the only one thinking that.)

  7. This was a beautiful post. Yes, it is a new year – filled with possibilities. Above all, may our lives reflect Christ . More of Him, less of me. And lots of joy with others. Blessings!

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