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Your Voice Matters!

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Do you ever have those days or weeks where your schedule is totally overloaded and you wish there were a dozen more hours in a day?

Do you ever wonder if someone has tried to invent the machine that shoots caffeine safely into your veins so you could bypass the drinking part and not have to pee 24 hours a day? Or maybe that’s supposed to be your brilliant idea, but you just can’t find the time to unleash your inner scientist?

Do you ever wish you could split yourself in two for a day? One of you would have all the fun. The other would go to the gym, get all the laundry done and tackle the long list of menial tasks before you that day?

Do you ever get so overloaded that your voice, mind and heart just shut down?

Or is it just me? Am I totally crazy? And all alone in this dark, cold world? *cue violins*

I’m feeling a little cray cray lately!

While my daily schedule is totally under control these days, my mind feels like it’s spinning out of control. I decided to take a break from my insanity to remind us of one simple, important truth:

Your story matters

Your voice matters. I wish I could shout that from the rooftops today, to you and to me. I want to remind you that YOU MATTER. And it’s time for you to speak some truth into your life and those around you today.

You don’t have to start a blog. You don’t need to write a book. You don’t need to become a public speaker. You don’t need ANY of those things to have a voice. Find your audience. Seek for your people. Love your people. Hug your people. And speak the Truth.

Use your voice well, God created only ONE you and your voice matters.

God is writing your beautiful story as we speak

You are a work in progress. You are not perfect. You only need to rely on The One who is. God has made you uniquely you. Totally wonderful and amazing just as you are! But He loves you so much that He doesn’t want you to stay caught up in your head (or your sin), He wants you to give everything over to Him and live for Him today. Wholeheartedly. To share your dark, bumpy mess with the loved ones around you. To speak up and free that beautiful mind and heart of yours from all the dark thoughts that threaten to pull you down today. To be all that He created you to be.

Don’t let the enemy steal your joy

We shall not let the enemy steal our joy or stifle our tongues any longer. Speak bold, kind, loving beautiful truth into the hearts and minds of the people you love today. Pray about your words and choose them wisely, but speak them and be bold. Be honest. Be loving. Be kind. Be brave.

Your Grace Challenge – it’s a big one!

Look in the mirror and instead of tearing the woman down who looks back at you, speak truth into her heart today. Remind her that she is beautiful, she is more than enough, she is loved, she is redeemed, she is amazing and that she is a beautiful child of the One True King. And cut that woman in the mirror a little slack while you are at it. You’ve been way too hard on her lately. In fact, tell her to go paint her nails, or read a good book and do something just for her today, because she works so hard loving on her people, she deserves it.

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