Unfulfilled Dreams

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Life is a bit funny, isn’t it? I mean, one minute you are 5 years old. Dreaming of the day you will be a big Hollywood actress, or a ballerina. Or maybe some totally kick butt rock star. And if that doesn’t work out, maybe a princess, space explorer, firefighter, race car driver, mountain climber or doctor.

And then the next day, out of the blue, it seems like you’re OLD. You have responsibility. And lots of it. Bills to pay. A house to care for. A few gray hairs. A to do list a mile long. And what feels like (sometimes) no time for yourself. And gravity is no longer your friend. I haven’t made a dent in the list of my childhood dreams. Not even close.

Official reality check on those 5-year-old dreams

I never learned to dance like a sugar plum fairy.
Though I can do a pretty mean funky chicken. 
I haven’t discover the cure for cancer.
Though I am 1.5 years thyroid cancer free. 
I’m not on some famous TV show.
Though it is fun to be on the radio! 
I don’t rescue people from burning buildings.
Though I do like to watch that on TV. 
Driving in circles at incredibly crazy speeds is not in my DNA.
Though getting stuck in roundabouts apparently is. 
I have never climbed Mount Everest.
Though hiking to base camp is on my bucket list! 

Official reality check for the woman we are today

You are loved.
Fearful and wonderfully made.
Created for a purpose.
Designed to change the world.

Maybe you have been reflecting on your life lately. Maybe you have been beating yourself up about the things you haven’t accomplished. Or you think back to all the silly dreams of your 5-year-old self. Maybe that bucket list seems a mile long because there is no time (or money) to accomplish most of it. Or you feel like “mommy” or “wife” or “daughter” or “caregiver” or “coworker” is the only identity you have at the moment.

Not true. There’s still that 5-year-old girl inside of you. She has big dreams. But here’s even better news:

Those big dreams you have? They are nothing compared to what God has in store for you.

They are likely things you can’t even fathom at this point in your life.

Take some time this week and pray about what big accomplishment He is directing you toward.

Maybe it’s to be a mom for the next 18 years of your life. If you ask me, that beats flying to the moon, climbing Everest or becoming some famous (likely drug addicted) international celebrity any day.

Your purpose is unique. Whatever it is you are doing. Right here. Right now. That’s your purpose.

God has you in this role for a season and for a very special reason.

So get out there and show your 5-year-old self that you are a  rock star. Own it. 

Be a celebrity to the people in your life who love you and are counting on you.

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