Those Bad Haircut Moments Of Our Sin Life

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Sometimes I do the most random, impulsive things. Like make a hair appointment “on a whim” to cut my hair or totally change my style or color. I don’t know about you, but those moments never seem to work out. I will complain for months that I want to let my hair grow out. Then I lament for months at my decision. It’s too long. I need to cut it. I want bangs. Dear hubby: thank you for putting up with me!

Never make a hair appointment on a whim.

I’ve made enough bad, impulsive and rash decisions related to my hair, that I’ve learned, or at least should have learned by now, that they’re never a good idea. In fact, more times than not, they’re the worst idea ever.

Been there, done that? And got the awful haircut to prove it? Join my club!

Sin is a lot like a bad haircut.

We can keep doing something over and over that we know is bad for us. It makes us look stupid. And feel foolish. And icky. And wracked with stupidity and shame. And well, even though we should know better, we still do it again.

So what have we (hopefully) learned over the years about these “whim” moments?

Hopefully we’ve figured out that we need to think before we act. Like, maybe talk it over with someone? Or sit on it for 24-48 hours before we head to the salon and chop it all off. Ahem.

As far as sin goes, hopefully, we’ve learned to resist temptation. Hopefully, we’ve committed God’s promises to our heart that remind us to trust in Him during those sin moments. Hopefully, we know with absolute certainty that:

“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. ” 1 Corinthians 10:13

Reading our Bibles is a critical lifeline to avoiding sin moments.

We need to have a robust prayer life and an accountability partner or two when struggling with these destructive “haircut” moments in our sin life.

I’ve been hedging and hawing about radically changing “my style” again. And thankfully my hubby has been with me through enough of these over the years, that he can talk me down from them. Remember that last one where you went in for highlights and they gave you bangs? Or when you went in for a trim and they chopped off six inches? Those weren’t pretty moments friends. I have some pics hidden in an unmarked box at the back of my closet to prove it.

Thankfully now, when I have the desire to chop my hair on a whim, usually as the result of a bad hair day, the hubs can remind me of the moments from the past that I don’t want to relive.

It’s really the same when you’re stuck in sin. Stop…and ask God to remind you of His promises. Ask Him to reveal to you a way out of your sin predicament. It gets easier with practice, so keep asking Him to help you ward off that ‘bad haircut’ sin moment. And ask a friend (or two or three, if necessary) or your spouse to hold you accountable to the desire to stop sin dead in its tracks.

Be bold in this. Satan, he doesn’t like bold. He wants weakness. And shame. And really bad haircut sin moments that force you to hide your head in a brown paper bag.

We need accountability partners. In hairstyles. Sin. Marriage and life.

I’m so very blessed and extremely thankful that I have my husband as my accountability partner in this life. But I know a lot of women are not as lucky. Their husbands are not the spiritual leaders of their home. They feel alone in their sin, their struggles and their hopes of conquering their temptations. If that’s the case for you dear one, please find a female friend or relative you can confide in and let them lift you up and keep you spiritually and hairfully sane.

A prayer for the sin-filled moments of life

Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to always have an out when I want to sin. Thank you for providing me promises in Your Word that show me I always have options. I am never boxed in. Lord, teach me to learn patience and resolve that when life, sin and haircuts go bad, that I can stay rooted in your Word. Let me trust in Your promises and know that those bad haircuts and sin moments do not need to happen. Help me reach out to an accountability partner, someone I can trust wholeheartedly and rely upon during my weak moments Father. Help me to reach out to you, first and foremost, during the difficult moments. And know that there is always a way out of my sin. Father, you are perfect, you are Holy, you are loving, kind, patient, and always good. Help me work hard to model my life after you. And when I fail, which I will inevitably do, thank you for the grace and the mercy to keep moving forward. Tomorrow is always a new day. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

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