How Full Is Your Grace Tank?

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After I published my last post, I was anxious that I would offend you. Or make you mad at me. And then I felt guilty about being so judgy. And calling you out on your judgment issues too. Which is silly, because the truth is, we all judge. Even though we shouldn’t. We are HUMAN after all. But I am superhuman because I judge people. A lot.

I’m running on an empty grace tank today. Pray for me.

I sing to myself “grace, grace, God’s grace…” and then wham, there I go judging again.

The height of someone’s heels at church. * three-inch heels say a little something about a person, don’t you think?*

The length of shirt (or lack thereof) worn with leggings. *your bootay does not need to be shown out in public, thank you very much, no matter how proud you are of all that hard work you put in at the gym.* 

The low-cut nature of a blouse, at CHURCH of all places. *My word. Modesty people! Have you heard of layering? I’m all for the freedom to worship, but your girls don’t need to come out and worship with us for heaven’s sake!*

See what I mean? I’m horrible.

I am a superficial judger. I take immediate note of what is going on visually and make snap judgments. Shame on me, I know. The reality is, I don’t do it all the time. But I seem to be doing it a lot lately.

When I’m tired and overwhelmed I turn into a judging monster.

Which is probably not so good for you, if you’ve run into me lately. I’ve likely totally judged you in some way or another. And I’m so sorry! My grace meter is running on empty lately. But let’s face it, we are all overwhelmed and stressed out to some degree. That doesn’t give us an excuse or the right to let the judgment monster rule our lives!

We must remind ourselves that HIS grace is sufficient, even in our weakness, tiredest (totally not a word!) most caffeine-deprived moments.

‘But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.’ – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Sometimes I feel like my ability to extend grace is directly tied to the amount of sleep I get at night or the milligrams of caffeine coursing through my veins or the amount of crazy that might be running through my head.

Grace is not contingent on our power and strength.

I’m hoping if your grace meter is running on low, or you have let that judgment monster have free reign in your life lately, that maybe we could take some time today and pray for each other? It is only thru the Giver of Grace that our tank can be filled to overflowing, even in our most caffeine and sleep deprived moments.

Let’s remember WHO fills up our grace tank. Let’s look to Him for an abundance in our weakest times, to show His great and mighty strength. We can do it. All we need is a little caffeine and a whole lot of prayer!

Your Grace Challenge

  1. Has your grace tank been running on empty lately? If so, are there big and little people in your life that have been face to face with your judgment monster?
  2. How about at church? Or at work? Who have you been a little bit guilty of judging lately? Is there a way you can let that judgment go? Maybe offer an apology if you’ve been vocal about your judgment? Or just ask God to help you see that person/people through His eyes today?
  3. Have you filled up your grace tank lately? What can you do to spend more time with Jesus? What needs to be taken out of your schedule so you can spend more time with the Giver of Grace!

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