Cultivating An Attitude Of Gratitude For The Bumpy Parts Of Life

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Thanksgiving month is one of my favorite months of the year for so many reasons. The leaves are bursting with color right now. It’s like we’re walking around in God’s coloring book, or part of a Mary Poppin’s sidewalk chalk painting.

And we can’t forget that it is seasonally appropriate to drink a bunch of warm chocolately goodness this time of year. Plus you know, there’s things like tall boots and leggings and lattes. What else could a girl ask for? Except maybe a kitchen filled with healthy, chocolate pumpkin muffins the size of Manhattan? Ok, maybe that’s pushing it. But we can dream, right?

This month truly gives me all kinds of warm fuzziness. How about you? My heart even gets a little giddy with the crispness of the leaves that crunch underneath my feet, even if that only happens during hours of leaf raking or bone-chilling walks outdoors.

Fall is incredible, but our God is totally amazing!

So why do I forget that in the daily busyness of life? Our God is so amazing, but often in my total non-amazingness, I go through my days where it’s all about me, me, me. I’m such a selfish little sinner.

I feel like I often fall short when it comes to being grateful for these simple pleasures in life. Sometimes simply because I have a schedule that is rushed. I haven’t set enough time aside to reflect on all that God has given me in this life. We make choices to fill our calendars with things, and those things often rob us of the multitudes of opportunities each day to praise Him and give thanks “in ALL things.”

Do you need an attitude adjustment?

I sure do! I want to be thankful. For the big things, like being free to worship Jesus and having a wonderful, Godly man to do life with. As well as the “little” things in life. The more simple things t I totally take for granted – like having a beautiful home to come to at the end of a long, crazy day. Or the soft sheets I lie down on at night in my warm, inviting, comfy bed. Or the fact I can drink hot cocoa or have a piece of dark chocolate whenever I want (ahem, I probably do this too much and need to calm down on the thanks in this area, if you know what I’m saying!)

I fall short in life when it comes to being grateful.

I’m guessing that you do too. Oh, admit it, already! So let’s give thanks IN all things this month. Why this month? Because, regardless of what other peeps are doing, this month is the only month that has a holiday with the word THANKS in it. So let’s celebrate the holiday all month long and really focus on giving thanks to the Lord IN all the things, big and small, good (and bad). It’s easy to do on the good days, but more challenging on those harder days!

Will you join me?

Health experts say that focusing on the positive things in life can help us have a more optimistic perspective when life gets hard. What a better way to stay positive than focus on all the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us this month! Take time to write them down too, that way you’ll have a list to refer to when life drags you down.

Encouragement for your soul

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Note that it doesn’t say FOR all things, it says IN all things. Reflect on that simple truth.

Are you cultivating an attitude of gratitude in the bumpy seasons of life?

When things are tough, challenging or sad, are you able to be thankful? That’s so hard to do! Which is why it is so wonderful to write down your praises and thanksgivings, so you can refer to them when your soul is broken and weary.

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