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Making Summer Sizzle For Jesus!

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Have you ever had a song stuck on repeat for days on end?

I love the song “I am who you say I am” by Hillsong. It’s based on John 8:36.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

I sang it at a church service recently and it has been repeating over and over like a broken record for weeks now.

I paused when I realized it’s my freedom song.

After our adoption failed last year I began believing a lot of lies from the enemy. He can be sneaky sometimes, can’t he? But lately the Son has been shining in this weary soul and I feel so free. I am restarting my blog and joining with some of my favorite ladies to share lots of hope and encouragement all summer long. I can’t wait! Hope you will join me here every week to learn how we can draw closer to Jesus in the middle of our busy, beautiful lives.

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Sharing is caring!
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