Help! I’m Drowning & Need Jesus! {+ Why I Write}

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Your voice matters. Mine does too. But how often do we remain quiet because we don’t want to shake the boat? How often does our silence stem from the feeling that no one really cares what we have to say? How often is our silence rooted in a lack of understanding or knowledge of God’s Word?

What If God Was Calling You To Speak Boldly For Him Today?

If God was calling you to speak words filled with Truth and hope, would you ignore Him and remain quiet? Or would you challenge yourself to take that leap of faith and speak with a boldness that can only come from Christ Jesus? 

Are your words peppered with graciousness + love + rooted in God’s Truth?

It’s Hard To Speak Up And Find Our Voice

I feel like that still small voice has been telling me to get back to writing for years, and I haven’t been listening. I have been a writer since I could first hold a pencil, or maybe it was even a crayon. I was telling tales and writing stories since I knew how to string sentences together.

I remember the first time I was published back in my young adult life. When I saw those words in print, it was so cool. It’s like I was a kid in a candy store. Something came alive in me and clicked. I knew God had given me a voice and He wanted me to use it.

I went to college and double majored in political science and journalism. I wrote for newspapers and loved it. After college, I wrote speeches for prominent politicians and saw my words come alive on the screen and highlighted on the evening news. I wrote words into law for a partisan think tank and became part of a movement that literally helped improve the air we breathe. My words were featured in trade publications, journals and business columns. I had the privilege of training large groups of people in how to use their words to make a difference. I wrote and created. I directed and lead. I taught and I challenged. And I loved every minute of it.

When The Creativity Ends, Something Dies Within Us

After I left the corporate world of communications and marketing, the writing and creativity ended. At first, it was a welcome relief. I needed a break, I was burnt out. I’m not a crafty person like most of my friends. I wish I was. But I have found over the years that words are my craft. So at the prompting of my husband, I started this blog.

When I first began this website, digital media was overtaking traditional forms of communication. Facebook was just taking off as a mainstream communications tool. Look how far it’s come since then! Twitter was pretty new. Instagram wasn’t even a blip on the radar. Now, these tools overwhelm us. They consume us. And just like any other tool, people can use them for good or for evil.

It is a whole new, crazy, oversaturated world we live in. And we are all still finding our way. As consumers and creators. The world is over-saturated with words. And opinions. And in this political season of life right now, just pure craziness. Does it ever get to be too much for you too?

We Can’t Escape Words Or Opinions

Opinions and words shout at us. They are everywhere in this digital age. I sometimes feel like brands and blogs and churches and companies are shouting at me, begging for my attention. And I honestly just want to turn it all off. The world is too noisy and I long for silence.

My Desire For This Online Space

I want to carve out a quiet, peaceful place here in my little corner of the internet. I want to honor a stillness that seems to no longer exist in most of our modern world. I want to be kind and loving, God-honoring and truthful. I want to speak with a gentle, humble heart. I want to speak bold and passionate words of Truth. But I want to do it with grace and a mind deeply rooted in God’s word. I don’t want to be all “look at me, look at me!” I want to be like, “hey, look at Jesus, keep your eyes focused on Him today.” I want to remind you to be kind to one another. And gracious with your words. Be an encourager to the women in your life and the people around you. Don’t backstab or gossip. Speak respectfully of others, even those (especially those) that drive you a little crazy. 

I want to remind you and me to love others as Jesus loves. And to remember to keep that in line and context with what Scripture says, not what the world believes.

When’s The Last Time You Spent Some Time In God’s Word?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in God’s Word as much as I would like the past few months. Life has been busy. There always seems to be something pressing that needs to get done.

As a result, I’m tired. I feel discouraged. I feel like my soul is drowning, floating listlessly through dark waters. And I’m desperately reaching for my LifeGuard to reel me safely back to shore.

There is an ache deep in my heart that only my Savior can fill. I have ignored it for too long and today my heart is crying out for Jesus.

Today it’s time to clear my schedule of all the extras and spend some quality concentrated time with my Bible. I miss it. I need it. I crave it. It is the Gift of God’s Word that brings life to this weary soul.

Your Grace Challenge

Will you join me and fill yourself up with God’s Word today? Take a drink from the Fountain of Life that is breathed to us through His Word. No matter how crazy today life gets, keep Jesus at the center of it all. Clear a little space in your schedule, even if it’s simply 5 minutes and fill up your soul today. Celebrate that you are a daughter of a King!

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