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4 Ways To Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be the “hands and feet of Jesus?’ That term is tossed around Christian circles a lot and it is often followed by big acts of service that would put most of us to shame. But the cool news is that you don’t have to have a gazillion dollars to make an impact in God’s kingdom. You just need a willing heart ready to live out your faith and show up to love the big and little people in your life well.

I love how one of my favorite quotes on prayer so eloquently shows us how to love others well and be God’s hands and feet.

“Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers.” Austin O’Malley

Prayer in action is powerfully done by serving others.

It’s a blessing to see people serving and meeting needs in our community. Doesn’t it warm your heart to see children stepping up to encourage a sibling or friend in their time of need? And how fun is it to receive a random act of kindness on a day when God knew we needed it most?

We can share the love of Jesus in so many practical ways.

Have you ever heard the story about the little girl who was on the way home from a play date and stopped to help a friend whose bike broke down? When the little girl got home, her mom was upset and demanded an explanation. The girl told her mom that she stopped to help a friend whose bike was broken. The mom raised her voice and reminded the little girl that she knows absolutely nothing about fixing bikes! The little girl replied that she stopped to give her friend a hug because she was sad about her broken bike. Mom stood there in silence.

Seriously, how powerful is that?

How often do we jump to offer advice or words of comfort to people in our life who are hurting or having a hard day? I do it too frequently! You probably do too. And has that backfired in ways you could never imagine? Too often our quick words can pour salt on an already open wound or be misinterpreted.

Even our best intentions often have unforeseen consequences. #truthhurts

“My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.” 1 John 3:18

A kind deed never goes unnoticed!

OK, that’s technically not true. I do kind deeds and they often go unnoticed, you prolly do too. My point is that loving others through actions can be a tremendous blessing to someone in need.

What a present the gift of presence is when we serve others!

Our actions can have a powerful impact on someone’s aching soul. Click To Tweet

Bigger is better logic doesn’t always apply here. We can simply offer a hug, a listening ear, a clean house or warm meal. Or sometimes the best gift is to simply be the warm body on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand, letting someone know they aren’t alone.

There is no better example of love in action than Jesus’ death on the Cross.

The Bible contains beautiful truths and practical knowledge for daily living. But without the sacrificial love of the Cross, the rest of it doesn’t really matter.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whomever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

I miss a ton of opportunities every week to spread a little of Christ’s love to others. Too often I choose the comfort of my own schedule over the chance to show practical love to others.

Go outside your comfort zone and put faith into action this week by loving on someone in need.

Not sure where to begin? 

4 Ways To Be The Hands & Feet Of Jesus

Offer words of encouragement.

When is the last time you wrote a note to your spouse and kiddos letting them know how much you appreciate them? It’s amazing how this small, simple act can make someone feel cherished and loved. Tuck a note into your kid’s lunchbox, or under their pillow. Stick a note of encouragement in your husband’s shoe, coat pocket or briefcase. Tuck a note into your teen daughter’s makeup case or put a word of affirmation on her bathroom mirror.

Invest in quality time.

Spend quality time with your spouse and kids this week. Take time to ask important questions that get to the heartbeat of where your family is in their faith. Start off with simple questions, like “How was work/school today?” and progress to questions like “Where did you see God show up in your life today?” or “What lesson did Jesus teach you today?”

Share small gifts.

Tuck a post-it note with a “way to go” and a little candy bar in your kid’s lunchbox or a spouse’s briefcase. Bring a cup of coffee to a coworker who needs a little pick me up. Send flowers to your bestie, or buy a couple bottles of nail polish and a lipstick for a friend who just went through a bad breakup. Take a cupcake to a friend you’ve been meaning to grab coffee with for weeks now. Visibly remind someone in your life today of how much you appreciate them.

Serve others.

Take time together as a family to serve a neighbor or friend in need. Offer to do yard work or prepare a meal. As you cook together, pray over the food, deliver it together as a family and talk about the importance that small acts of service can make in someone’s life. Have your kids create dinner place mats with Scripture verses or ask them to choose their favorite Christian music to burn onto a CD to enjoy while eating dinner. Be creative!

Prayer in action begins when our heart is focused on showing Jesus' love to others. Click To Tweet

What will you do to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Take time to serve the big and little people in your life this week!

hands and feet of Jesus

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  • Linda Stoll

    NIcki … LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It doesn’t take much to minister to the deepest part of another’s soul. And often it doesn’t even involve words.

    All is grace …

  • Jana

    I love the simplicity of this challenge. I’ve been convicted of using prayer as an excuse for inaction. Praying for others is good and we should absolutely do it! But when we excuse ourselves from serving them in other practical ways because of proud prayerfulness, we’re missing the mark. Hard truth. Loving well is usually uncomfortable and often inconvenient.

    • Nicki Schroeder

      Yes! I so often speak the words in prayer but don’t follow through with any actions. It’s amazing how it not only changes YOU but works in others too. In fact, it’s convicted me to do an entire series on this! 🙂

  • Kristi Woods

    Great suggestions, Nicki. Sometimes it’s easy to make serving others look like this big production. It’s often right there, in the the little things. Happy Easter, friend.

  • Diane@worthbeyondrubies

    I loved this post so much Nicki! I often think of people who seem rude or unpleasant and I remind myself that they may be going through something I know nothing about. It is so important that we show them the love of Jesus and be his hands and feet and try to do what we can to help others…even when the world would think they don’t deserve it. Jesus was about reaching out to those people. We should be as well. Even if it is a word of encouragement, as you said!

    • nickischroeder

      And yet this is SO HARD sometimes, isn’t it? I have to constantly remind myself of the need to stop being so selfish and look outside of my own trials. I love that about our God. 🙂

  • April

    I love the reminder of the fact that the things we do to help encourage someone do not have to be some type of elaborate gift or huge action. That a small note for one of my children or husband is being the hands and feet of Jesus, this encourages my heart to think on how even when I may not feel I am doing much that it can still be doing MUCH in the area of encouraging a heart. For someone like me that at times has to be home for days at a time this helped to remind me that it is just as important doing these small acts of kindness to be serving Jesus in serving my household in the ways I can.

    • Nicki Schroeder

      April I am so glad this encouraged your heart. I truly believe the small acts of love and service we do in this life have a BIG impact in people’s hearts and lives. xoxo

  • Theresa Boedeker

    So many great ideas, Nicki. In our busy days, sometimes I think the hardest quality to give is our time. Taking time to listen, especially before giving advice. Taking time to help someone. Taking time to sit with someone in pain. Taking time to do for someone. I know I need to get better in this area.

    • nickischroeder

      Thank you for featuring me! 🙂 Are you part of our Salt & Light linkup on Facebook? You are welcome to come join us there and have the opportunity to be featured weekly as well. xoxo

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