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Do you want to glorify God more in the middle of your busy, beautiful life? I sure do! That’s why I created a free gift just for you. It’s an ebook called “The Grace Challenge.” Because God is awesome. And you’re pretty special too. It’s time we remembered these truths in the middle of our busy, beautiful lives. Take more time this year to glorify Jesus. Sign up for my email list to download your free copy of “The Grace Challenge!”

God created you for a special, unique purpose.

How often do you forget this simple, wonderful truth as you go about your busy day? When I’m overscheduled and overloaded, I often forget about the beauty and freedom that comes from being a child of the One True King.

Glorify Jesus in the middle of your busy, beautiful life.

No matter how busy (or messy) life gets, we can set aside moments to honor the Lord, praise Him, live for His glory and find the happy nuggets in our trials.

“The Grace Challenge” is a reminder to live for an audience of One!

My prayer is that you will take time to grow in a daily, intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior.  I pray you will begin to discover the many ways God is calling you to live for His glory in this crazy world.

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