17 Simple Ways To Spend More Time With Jesus

spend more time with Jesus each day
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Ever get the words to a song or a TV commercial stuck in your head? Once it’s in your noggin, it’s really hard to get it out, isn’t it?

The stuff that gets stuck in our heads

That song can play over and over again throughout the day and well into the night, sometimes for days and weeks to come. Before you know it, that catchy tune or jingle becomes an annoyance and starts driving you bonkers!

The other day, I couldn’t get the jingle from a carpet commercial out of my head. The last time I heard that jingle was three decades ago!

My sister and I would get up early before school to watch this weird clown show. I don’t remember much about it except that kids threw balls into buckets on a timer and won prizes. The clown was a little off his rocker, which may be the reason my sister developed a fear of clowns as she got older. The commercial for the carpet people aired during every break and that jingle is still with me decades later.

(In case you’re wondering, I called the number the other day to see if it’s still active. It is. Decades later that number still works and they still are a carpet store.)

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Put God on repeat throughout your day.

As I sat the other morning with my Bible open and a warm cup of coffee in hand, ready to spend time in God’s Word, that silly jingle popped into my head. No idea why. But it made me pause and reflect.

I mean, if a stupid commercial from childhood can remain in my mind all these decades later, can you imagine how powerful God’s Word would be if we committed to keeping His promises in front of us each day?

I was convicted. I need to reevaluate how I spend my free time.

Sometimes we need to reevaluate our priorites.

No matter what’s going on in our lives, we can ALWAYS place our hope firmly in the God who created us.

So often the trials of daily life threaten to steal our joy and we turn to things like Facebook and other distractions to fill us up.

Hello shiny, sparkly objects. They are so easy to get focused on when we need a distraction, aren’t they?

We must place our hope in the great Immanuel. The God who is always with us.

““Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us).” Matthew 1:23

God rescued us by giving us His son Jesus to take the penalty of our sin for us so we could be restored into a redeemed relationship with our Creator.

Seriously, how cool is that?

Turn to the God of comfort when life gets sticky.

We don’t need to rely on Netflix, the gym, chocolate, Facebook and the millions of other shiny things that distract us from finding real comfort and peace. Jesus first, all the other stuff second.

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Let’s grow in our relationship with Jesus!

Life is busy, it gets in the way of so many of our relationships.

My relationship with Jesus isn’t the only one I need to focus more on, to be honest. And while we can’t always clear our schedules and spend focused time in prayer and reading our Bibles, we can be more intentional in growing our relationship with God daily just by being in an ongoing relationship with Him.

I don’t believe there isn’t a cookie cutter way to do this either. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others.

God wired us all differently and that is the cool part about being one of His children.

What does your daily relationship with God look like?

I’m not wired to be hardcore in the Word every morning and pray like a mad warrior on a daily basis. That isn’t who God created me to be. A good friend of mine is. She can’t function if she doesn’t spend the first half hour of her day studying her Bible and then another half hour or more during her day praying. She can list off Bible verses to me in her sleep.

My faith journey doesn’t look at all like my friends. You know what? That’s ok. That doesn’t make how she relates to God wrong. Or how I choose to relate to God wrong. It’s just different.

Do you ever just hang out with God during your day?

My relationship with Jesus looks more like hanging out with a friend all day. Do I read my Bible? Absolutely! I love to. But I honestly don’t do it daily.

I like to sleep in and I need coffee before any type of brain activity can occur. Plus, God gives me the Bible verses I need to know and the rest my head just lets fly away until they become something personal to me.

I often thank the Lord for a prime parking spot near a store on a cold day, or praise Him when the last loaf of gluten free bread is on the shelf for me at my local grocery store.

I love to talk to Him and pray for friends while I”m driving. God and I often talk about my fave foods when I’m stuck eating left overs in the fridge and I often make commentary with Him while I’m home alone watching some stupid TV show. I will pray to Him while I’m washing dishes or doing laundry.

God is a constant presence throughout my day.

You may think that’s nuts. And you know what? That’s ok. Because your walk with Jesus is your walk. My walk is mine. And one is not better than the other. They are just different.

Commit to a deeper relationship with Jesus

No matter how we connect with the Lord, we can make simple life changes that allow us to spend more time in relationship with our King.

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17 simple ways to spend more time with Jesus

  • Listen to Christian music daily
  • Download a daily five minute Bible devo app
  • Enable phone reminders to pray for each family member
  • Sing your favorite worship songs
  • Dance to your favorite Christian songs
  • Pray while folding laundry
  • Talk to God while cleaning your house
  • Listen to Christian podcasts while cooking
  • Memorize Scripture with your family
  • Go for a walk in God’s creation
  • Download a Bible screen saver for your phone
  • Post Bible verses throughout your home
  • Read a good Christian book
  • Replace Facebook with God’s book for a week
  • Bake treats or cook a meal for a neighbor in need
  • Do simple acts of kindness to others
  • Put Jesus at the top of your daily to-do list

However you connect with God, do more of it! See how your faith flourishes throughout the weeks to come.

How do you like to stay connected with God throughout your days and weeks? Share some ideas! I’d love to hear from you!

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20 thoughts on “17 Simple Ways To Spend More Time With Jesus”

  1. Great tips, Nicki!
    I love to turn on praise music throughout the day!
    Makes me lift my eyes to Him!

  2. I think I’m more like your friend–making sure to get my time in daily with God, Nicki. BUT! I do it later in the morning, while I’m sipping my morning brew! So, I guess, I’m like you in that I need to wake up a bit before diving into God’s word. Otherwise, I’ll be missing a whole lot of His goodness because I’m not so “good” myself at that early hour! Lol! I’ll be pinning this post “up the wazoo” (as my hubby from Tennessee often says)! It’s just so chock-full of creative ways to connect with God that I can’t help but share! Hugs to you, friend!

    1. Don’t get me wrong lady, I spend time in His Word regularly and there have been seasons where I was in for concentrated time daily, but it’s just not the season of life I’m in now and I am learning to accept that. and yeah, there ain’t no time with Jesus like time that includes COFFEE! 🙂 xoxo

  3. I have a daily commute and I spend LOTS of time talking to God then. I’ve also been prayer journaling recently which has brought out an entirely different perspective as well. Great ideas here!!

  4. Nicki, this is great stuff! God was never meant to be relegated to a brief devotional time. He walks with us all day, all night. We need only be aware that He’s there as we live out the dailyness of our routines, our tasks, our calendars.

  5. Love these tips! I homeschool my kids so I have more time for this, but I also love reading a children’s devotional with my kids during breakfast. =]

  6. So years ago there was this jingle that gave directions to a tree farm… I can still tell you how to get there. It was catchy. I still catch myself singing it from time to time… But anyways, love your tips for spending more time with Jesus.

    1. Isn’t it crazy how things like that get stuck in our noggins? It amazes me. Yet I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week lol

      1. So true! My short term memory is questionable, which is why I love the tips you shared in this post. I was hoping to feature it tomorrow for the Grace and Truth Link Up on Candidly Christian, but I don’t see the backlink that’s required. Did I miss it?

        1. I don’t know what backlink you speak of. lol But thank you for the kind offer anyway! 🙂

  7. I always love to hear how others connect with Jesus. My morning time with Him typically includes coffee too! 🙂 It’s my favourite time of the day!

    I’m pinning and sharing these tips right away.

    1. I feel like coffee is quickly becoming this crazy necessity between soul sisters who love Jesus lol xoxo

  8. Great list, Nicki! I pretty much listen to Christian music all day during the week. It’s amazing just that helps me spend time with God throughout the day. I’ve been meaning to get into the podcasts or sermons while I’m cleaning, but I just haven’t done that yet. I should. Love your list of ideas; I’ll be revisiting in the future I’m sure.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I am not as good at podcasts as I used to be, but am trying to find time in the am as I get ready for my day to listen then. it’s been fun to get filled up before I go out to the world to pour out. 🙂

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