Let’s Get Crazy For Jesus!

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Sometimes I get a little obsessive when it comes to shopping. For instance, recently I needed a new pair of slippers and searched everywhere for the comfiest, squishiest, warmest pair ever.

I found them at Walmart of all places. Can you believe it?

They were the last pair in my size. It was a sign I needed to buy them, right? So I threw them in my cart and half-way through my shopping experience, the self-doubt crept in.

Self-doubt can drive a person crazy!

Are they really that comfy? Do I really need a new pair? Do I really want to get slippers from Walmart?

I talked myself out of them and put them on a random shelf and headed home.

You know what happened next, right?

I got home and had total remorse. That deep, dread in the pit of my stomach told me that I should have just sucked it up and spent $10 on slippers.

Don’t get caught up in the things of this world.

The next morning I went back to get the slippers and they weren’t there. I was devastated. I went online and searched, they were unavailable. I asked the sales lady to call every store in the area for me, no one had them. I was out of luck.

It’s easy to get obsessive about the things of this world.

I was totally fixated at this point. So I waited 2 days, thinking maybe they were in limbo somewhere in the store just waiting for me to rescue them! I got up early a few days later and was at a Walmart at 6 a.m. (I am crazy, I know) looking for those slippers.

Guess what? I found them! I rejoiced in the aisles, let out a loud “Woo hoo” and did my happy dance, and then went home. Iit was pure bliss for the next two weeks. Then i discovered a huge hole in one of the soles and I couldn’t wear them anymore.

Sometimes our priorities get a little out of whack.

All that work and insanity for two short weeks of happiness and then it vanished in the blink of an eye.

I started thinking about my faith journey. What if I had a passion to pursue the Lord like I did those silly slippers?

Set your mind on things of Jesus.

What if I went all crazy pants on my time with Jesus like I did in my search for the “perfect slippers?”

What if I vowed to read His Word and pursue Him each day as passionately as I did the aisles of a discount store in search of my temporary bliss?

Imagine how wonderful our lives would be if we pursued Jesus with a relentless, passionate love!

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” Colossians 3:2

What is your top priority each day?

We don’t usually put Jesus first, do we? We mean to, of course.

But we often skip our time with the Lord when life gets busy. We choose the Netflix binge instead of bingeing on the books or Romans or John or Luke, or taking time to pray.

If only we could pursue Jesus with as much passion as we do summer vacations, walks around the neighborhood, trips to the gym, the incessant calorie counting and smoothie making and all the other things we get crazy about each and every day.

Could you imagine if we could take even half the passion for all the worldly things we enjoy and put them toward our relationship with Jesus?

Amazing things would happen!

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It’s time for us to evaluate our lives and be honest with the time and energy we choose to spend on things of this world.

What things are you pursuing with so much passion and so much zeal that have no eternal reward?

More Jesus, less all the other stuff.

When we are more intentional in our choices and put Jesus at the top of our to-do list each day, our perspective changes. It will look different in various seasons (and even days) of our lives, but I firmly believe it’s totally worth the effort.

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21 thoughts on “Let’s Get Crazy For Jesus!”

  1. Amen!
    We need more Jesus, less all the other stuff.
    What a good word today.
    Blessed by you~

  2. Oooh, yes! Give me more of Jesus, Nicki! Love your heart, enthusiasm and message today, my friend! Pinning and tweeting!

  3. Yes! More Jesus and less of this world! Your story about the slippers is hilarious, but your passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Keep on, Sister!

  4. You’re absolutely right, Nicki. If we pursued Christ with the flat-out perseverance and determination as we do with so many temporary things we’d have a much better relationship with Him.

    1. Oh girl, we KNOW this in the head, but we have such a hard time getting it to hit where it counts, the heart. Amen? Let us keep pursuing with a relentless passion. xoxo

    2. Nelson

      Going crazy for the one who is crazy about us. Just the right message I needed to hear, hitting the mark and challenging me to seek with zeal until I find Him. Thanks Nicki… More and more of Jesus and less of everything.

  5. Oh Nicki! Boy, could I relate to your slipper story. I’m also seeking to renew my passion for Jesus and His Word! Let’s go all out!

  6. Get it girl! A Walmart aisle celebration? Yes! 🙂 Glad you found those slippers, even gladder (is that even a word?!) you found Jesus. Spot-on encouragement here, Nicki. You’re preaching…and all in a good way. And my friend, I’m sitting right here in the “congregation”, soaking up the words and whispering, “Jesus. Just Jesus.”

    1. You make me smile. 🙂 A Walmart aisle celebration, I am embarrassed to admit it, but it did happen. 😉 I whisper “JESUS. JUST JESUS” right along side you sweet lady! xoxo

  7. Yes! Making Jesus the top priority and being more enthusiastic about him than we are about earthly things is something we all could do better at. It is so easy to get caught up in temporal, horizontal things rather than keep our eyes consistently and faithfully focused vertically towards Jesus.

    1. It is EXHAUSTING to get caught up in the temporary, horizontal things, isn’t it? Yet we do it ALL THE TIME. Praying we can be more vertical in our daily living. 🙂 xoxo

  8. Nicki – thanks for this … it’s a needed reminder to focus on what’s important or rather WHO’S important. And let everything else fall into their rightful place.

    Which is much further down the list.

    Your words speak to me about all things blogging these days. And I thank you.

    1. Linda, I have to keep reminding myself that ANY ministry that truly gets in the way with connecting with Jesus at a heart level that we all so desperately need is something that has to move further down the list so we can cultivate what matters in our walk with Him. It’s SO HARD when you are balancing a calling with ALL THE THINGS we have to juggle in this world, isn’t it? I am praying that you and I both have a season of elevating the WHO above the WHAT this year! xoxo

  9. We must be related. Just found cozy slippers at Payless. But then at Pottery Barn! Saved 20.00 by buying the first pair1! Hopefully will last longer than two weeks. . . Set your mind. that’s my mantra late at night when I can’t sleep! Fun mtg you on someone’s link party – did you already link on mine? (formerly of Holley Gerth) – I ‘d love to have you join in. Sue

    1. I get easily obsessed about silly things, like slippers! lol 🙂 But I’m glad my top focus is still Jesus! xoxo

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