Worship While You’re Waiting

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I’m not a patient person. And if we’re being honest, you aren’t either.

worship while you're waiting.

Long lines at the grocery store? Hate ’em.
Long waits at the doctors office. So not a fan.

I’ve done a lot of waiting the past few years.

I’ve waited for biopsy results while laying alone in a sterile hospital room on a cold metal table. Results? Not good. But praise the Lord cancer was removed. He was with me.

I’ve waited on test results from the infertility specialist. I got a big fat F, by the way. No kids here. At least none that have made it this side of heaven. But He has been with me every step of the way. Through the comforting words of friends, tremendous amounts of love from my hubby, whispered prayers of church family, and the gentle kindness of strangers reaching out to a broken, messy woman in the grocery store.

I still wait every month, holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, by the grace of God that dang stick will sport a plus sign one of these days. But every month, it doesn’t. *sigh* And He is with me through the tears and the heartbreak.

I’ve waited for vet results, only to find out our little fur ball Squeaky had cancer. Her sweet chirps and purrs and furry cuddles have left us.And through all the tears, He is still with me.

There’s so much more sweet friends. So much more waiting, and so much lost hope. For you and for me. Our lives are filled with unmet dreams and tales of sorrow. *big cyber hug*

But my big “takeaway” from all these experiences is that even when every test, every lab, every diagnosis seems to be against me, He is always with me.

I’ve grown deeper roots. Like a well-watered tree, I’ve turned to the Bible for my living water. And it’s allowed me to lean more deeply on Him and His word. To trust. In His Sovereignty and His timing.

Through all the tears, all the heartache, all the sleepless nights lying awake in worry of whether I would live to see another year, He was with me. He is still with me. Always.

Guess what?
He is with you too! Through the good times, the bad times and the waiting times.

What are you waiting on today? Whatever it might be – new job, health issue, grief over a loved one or insert your issue here – make sure that you remember: 

He is with you. Always.

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