Living With Purpose

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There’s typically a plan and a purpose to the daily chaos, right? We run around like a chicken with our head cut off most days of the week. Between errands, housework, cooking, work and other responsibilities, we’re beat by week’s end! When the weekend rolls around, it’s on to family commitments, church activities, social gatherings, etc. Sound pretty familiar?

How often do we take time to sit down and talk to God with such purpose?

Are we thanking Him for beautiful weather or a magnificent sunset? Do we pray for the cranky person we meet while running errands? (after asking for abundant patience not to reach out and whack them!) Do we appreciate those with a servant heart in our lives? Maybe a cheerful bank teller or caring school teacher?

Being intentional in our relationship with Jesus quenches a thirsty soul!

I’m not saying we must do lots of ‘things’ to be a better Christian. Certainly not. Legalism is not a good thing. We can’t earn our salvation, it’s a glorious gift. But I can tell you that I’ve benefited tremendously by being purposeful in my relationship with Christ. And I often wonder how God can possibly speak to us, when the world we live in is always vying for our attention? God is always talking…it’s just a matter of whether we are listening.  

More Jesus. Less me. That’s my desire for you and me!

Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, I invite you to join me this year for a renewed focus on developing our God-given purposes and gifts. Let’s find a few extra minutes each day to spend time in purposeful worship. Develop a greater relationship with our Creator. Take a few extra minutes to get to know Jesus better. Sound stressful? It can be pretty simple.

Spend more time with Jesus

    • Wake up a few moments early and jump-start the day with a Bible passage; then observe how it applies throughout your day.
    • Turn off the car radio and talk to God; He’s listening! Kiddos in your car? Get them involved too!
    • Chat with the Lord while making dinner; tell Him about your day or pray for a loved one.
    • Turn off the TV for 30 minutes each night. As a family, reflect on how God has worked in your lives that day.
    • Be purposeful in your relationship with others. Write a little note, add a sticker to a lunch box, send a quick text. Show the people in your life that you are thinking of them.
    • Serve others joyfully throughout your week! Even when you feel they don’t deserve it. Especially when they don’t deserve it. Show them some love and bring out that servant heart of yours.

We may not hear God speaking directly to us like the thunderbolts and rumblings of Hollywood. But if we are silent and purposeful, we will learn to develop a better sense of His presence in our lives.

If you ask me, that is definitely time well spent!

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Sharing is caring!
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