Worship During The Waiting Moments

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I’m not a patient person. And if we’re being honest, you aren’t either. Admit it. Long lines at the grocery store? Hate ‘em. Long waits at the doctor’s office? So not a fan. I’m a girl, as my mom would always say, with a major case of ants in her pants.

worship while you are waiting

Lately my focus has been on “More time with Jesus. Less time with the world.” I turned off Facebook for a few weeks. I read a lot. Spent time talking to God. Focused more on praying for family and friends. And during that time, I thought about how cool it might be to take a vow of silence. You know, like the monks do?

Now, I would like to go on record that I didn’t actually plan to take a vow of silence. I love to talk. That would be just crazy! But I was reading a book about a woman who lived out a year of biblical womanhood. It was pretty funny. Downright ridiculous. And completely unbiblical! But anyway, within the book there was a chapter where she spent some time not speaking. And I thought, that would be kind of neat. Just spend time in prayer and communion with God. Cool.

Well, then I got me a big ol’ case of laryngitis. It lasted 30 stinkin’ days. Weird coinkydink? Probably. But let me tell you, if you are ever thinking that a vow of silence would be cool… it’s not. At least not when it’s forced.

So today, on day 17 of my silent streak, I had me a nervous breakdown. I mean 17 days of NO TALKING. What person wouldn’t go coo coo at this point, right? Especially a girl who gets paid to TALK on the radio!

Did I mention that I’m actually becoming a more patient person? !!!!!

Ok, not really. But I’ve had lots of time over the past 17 days to reflect. On my life – family, future, ministry and friendships (or lack thereof). More time to see my impatient nature. And the annoying things I do to drive my hubby crazy?

I’ve really been able to recognize that kind of stuff. Bless him for being married to me! Plus, I’ve had alot more time to recognize that my cooking skills (or lack thereof) suck. But on a more positive note…I’ve had ALOT more time to focus on God. To read His word. Pray. And just talk. To Him. After all, God doesn’t need a dry erase board to hear me, right!

I don’t know how many more days this laryngitis will last. Or if it’s part of a larger health issue I will have to deal with. But I do know that I am going to make sure that I’m actively waiting…by serving, worshiping and just being thankful for the wonderful blessings I have been given right here. Right NOW in my life. Voice or no voice!

What are you waiting on today? Whatever it might be – new job, health issue, grief over a loved one or your issue here – make sure that you actively wait. After all, it’s all in His good timing my friend! Be patient.

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