can i let you in on a little secret?

I’m tired of feeling like I never meet the high standards I set for myself. I’ll never be a size 0 or have perfect makeup. Keeping up with the latest fashions or hairstyles is too much! 

Do you struggle with the need to fit in or be “perfect?’ We all do on some levels, but it’s just so exhausting and suffocating, isn’t it?

For years I tried to fit into a worldly mold that I could never achieve. It was exhausting. 

One day I realized I was doing it in my Christian life too. I felt overwhelmed, frazzled and zapped of joy.

Then Jesus reminded me of His grace. He showers us with it daily, ya know. But do we receive it? Or do we try to take control and handle it all on our own?

Once I decided to switch my mindset from perfection mode to Jesus mode, amazing things started to happen. I found freedom!

Amazing things are waiting for you too!

It’s hard to feel like we never measure up. But Jesus wants us to walk in His freedom. Let’s punch fear in the face and learn to live for an audience of One.

I love encouraging others to live their lives for Jesus and break free from our struggles with perfectionism.

"We don't need to be perfect. We just need to keep leaning on the One who is."
Nicki Schroeder

No More Cookie-Cutter Christianity!

Trying to fit in is exhausting. Instead of being a cookie-cutter Christian, let’s unwrap the beauty that God created when He made you. You’re unique. You’re special. You deserve to live your life showered in God’s goodness and grace!

Take the 5-day grace challenge. It’s free!

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