"Nicki is a gifted communicator and writer. I'm impressed by her ability to go beyond superficial reflections on a topic to provide new and deep insights into challenging subjects. I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker for community and Christian groups."
Dr. Harry Shields
Moody Theological Seminary and author of "Caring for Souls."

What others are saying...

“Listening to Nicki speak is truly inspirational! She is a wonderfully talented speaker and writer, and her perspective on God’s truth is real and deeply encouraging. Her words are a reminder to us all to pursue God and trust that He loves us no matter what we go through in life!”  Katie, retreat attendee
“A powerful presentation of simple Bible truth so difficult to live out in daily life,” Karrie, women’s ministry leader
“In her writing and public speaking, Nicki is a dynamic communicator who gives strong biblical messages in a fun, practical, relational way.”  Rhonda, event attendee
“Nicki’s talk was not only encouraging, but so real and honest! I love that she was brave enough to bear her soul with us. Nicki’s personal testimony is gut-wrenching, but it’s cool how people like Nicki can overcome such odds, and even go on to be productive and AMAZING people!! Praise The Lord for her and anyone who survives such a dysfunctional upbringing….her words impacted my heart and it was so inspiring to hear about what people can overcome when they have faith and stay close to Jesus….no matter what mess they are in!”  Leslie, event attendee
“Nicki’s talk on suffering was great! I appreciated her willingness to share her journey with us and was inspired by her transparency. Through her struggles she has learned that Jesus is enough. I loved that. So simple yet so profound. Nicki is a phenomenal speaker and so genuine and open. You feel like you are sitting together having coffee. She didn’t profess to have all the answers, but willingly shared how God has worked and continues to work in her life to bring her into a deeper relationship understanding of Him.” Brenda, retreat attendee
“Thank you so much for sharing some of the trials and blessings in your life. I no longer look at my life as good or bad, but just how God planned my life. My glass is no longer half full or half empty depending on how I feel at that moment. It is exactly where God wants it to be. I suffer from major depression and anxiety, after hearing you, my mental health is calmer as I am always reminded that God is in control of my life. I spend more time ready and studying God’s word and I am seeing him more in my life and look forward to what he has in store for me every day. Thanks for reminding me that God has big plans with me.” Cindy, workshop attendee
“Thank you again for sharing your story with us. Your courage and honesty in following through with what God called you to do is inspiring.” Jean, event organizer and women’s ministry leader
“Thankful for Nicki Schroeder and her message! Hope she keeps speaking that story of victory!” Ann Marie, women’s ministry director
“Nicki is a gifted writer and speaker. She connects with others in a very real, transparent and down-to-earth way. Her combination of humility, humor and biblical truth is truly refreshing and special!” Lisa, retreat attendee