Stop Playing It Safe (Part 1)

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I took a 6-month writing break. On the blog and around the web. Most of you noticed. Many of you wrote, emailed, tweeted, called, texted, prayed for and encouraged me to get back in the saddle and start writing again. I pretty much ignored every last one of you. Sorry about that. But I honestly did miss you!

stop playing it safe.

I was really discouraged. About life. Purpose. Ministry. Friendships. Family. Church. People. And Cheerios. Ok, not really cheerios. I just threw that in there for kicks.

In a nutshell, I was stressed out. burnt out. And ready to check out.

Ever feel like you are burning the candle at both ends and it’s time to escape from the world?

I felt like I had nothing to give. Some days I still feel that way. Unfortunately there is no escape button. But there is a “run and hide” button.

So that’s what this girl did. I ran. I hid. Literally, I hid. In a closet one day, just hoping that in the darkness, the quiet and the peace I found there would transfer over to me. It didn’t. Mostly because I chose a closet that needed some serious organizing. So I got out of the closet, cleaned it up, and then started focusing on me. Again.

I wasn’t built to live in a closet. You weren’t either.

God has a purpose for all of us. And I guess I figure it’s time to finally start listening to what He’s been telling me for years. I’m a writer. I have been writing since I was old enough to hold paper and a pen. It’s part of me. And it’s time to stop running away in fear of judgment.

So I’m back. And I’ve got my ‘zing’ back too, or so says my fave 9 year old.

I didn’t realize that I lost my ‘zing,’ btw. Or that I ever had ‘zing’ to begin with, if we’re being honest.

But ‘zing’ sounds good. Doesn’t it?

Here’s what I have figured out so far…
I am still a work in progress.
I will always be a work in progress.
Guess what? You will too!

We’re all broken and damaged. And we’re in desperate need of a Savior.
I guess we’re all in this proverbial “life” boat together.
That’s a bit more comforting isn’t it?
……Just a little bit?
Question is, will we stay docked in the port?
Or get out there and explore the ocean the way He designed us to?

We are all unique creations of an awesome God. It’s time we started using our God-given talents in whatever ways He calls us to.  

Read Part two of the series here.

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