About Nicki

Living for an audience of One.

Live simply.

Ever feel like you gotta have it all together? It's exhausting isn't it? We put too much value in the things of this world. I'm guilty of it too. I believe in the healing power of authenticity. No one is perfect. Let's stop pretending!

Love abundantly.

Having faith doesn't make life all rainbows and roses. Life is hard, but Jesus gives us hope in our hard stuff. He gives us the power to love the most unlovable humans. He can make the most hardened hearts soften. He's my superhero!

Be who He created you to be.

You're special. There's no one like you on the planet. Aren't you tired of trying to conform to what others think you should be? I am. I believe everyone could benefit from a therapy session or two. We're all a little messy. That's why we need Jesus!

You will survive your season of hardship.

I grew up in an abusive home. A Jaws of Life car accident stripped away my identity as an athlete and runner and started an endless battle with chronic pain and weight gain. I’m a thyroid cancer survivor! My vocal chords were damaged during surgery and I lost the ability to speak for a few months. Years later, I still can’t hit those high notes like I used to and my voice gives out randomly. After struggling with years of infertility and a painful failed adoption, I somehow managed to find some peace in my heartache.

When life gets hard, we need to keep our eyes focused on heaven. We can overcome the hard stuff when we cling to the strong stuff (Jesus). It doesn’t mean life is perfect, but our Redeemer sure is!

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart because I have overcome the world. ” John 16:33

What we cling to when life gets hard truly matters.

So often we find comfort in things that provide momentary joy. Like chocolate. Netflix, a good workout or the love of flawed humans. But lasting joy can only be found in a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

God is with us in our highs and lows.

We like to put on our smiley face and tell the world we’re fine. But too often we’re crying on the inside. Don’t go through life crying on the inside! Find humans you can trust and share your story.

Jesus is crazy about you! Whether it’s an encouraging word of Scripture, a beautiful worship song or the kindness of a stranger, He is at work in the world around you in so many beautiful ways! Make sure you pay attention.

For this is how God loved the world: he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Tree of randomness...


I am tall.

I love Saturdays.

Meatloaf sandwiches rock!

Adult napping is my favorite sport!

Music and coffee are my love languages.

I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once. Never again.

My favorite place is outdoors with a cup of coffee talking to Jesus.

Cleaning and organizing is a form of stress relief for me. I’m a little OCD.

I’m learning to unplug and get back to childhood basics like coloring outside the lines.

Soul encouragement mixed with humor and gentle reminders to embrace God’s beautiful gift of grace.

Biblical truth and humor that encourages your audience to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Whether it’s a speaking engagement or guest and sponsored post opportunities, this is how you can reach me.

Live. Love. Be.

Live simply.
Love abundantly.
Be the special person God created you to be.

Nicki Schroeder is passionate about helping women draw closer to Jesus in the middle of their busy, beautiful lives. When she’s not on-air at a Christian radio network, writing or speaking, you can find her singing, baking, reading, strumming her guitar or enjoying time at a local coffee shop with friends.

dr. harry shields, moody

“Nicki is a gifted communicator and writer. I am impressed by her ability to go beyond superficial reflections on a topic to provide new and deep insights into challenging subjects. I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker for both community and Christian groups.” – Dr. Harry Shields, Moody Theological Seminary and author of "Caring for Souls."

lisa, retreat attendee

"Nicki is a gifted writer and speaker. She connects with others in a very real, transparent and down-to-earth way, whether it’s 1:1, a small group setting or a large speaking engagement. Her combination of humility, humor and biblical truth is truly refreshing and special!"

kathy, women's ministry director

"Nicki is driven by a faith that stays steady and does not fizzle during hardships. Her teaching is vulnerable, open and raw. Nicki's honesty and openness left many women in tears and allowed them to find that safe haven of peace that's only found in a relationship with the Lord. She encourages women to embrace their own uniquely inspirational journeys."