John 3:16

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I love John 3:16. It’s one of my all-time favorite Bible verses. So I was shocked to read about all the controversy centering on the recent “Focus On The Family” commercial aired during a football game Saturday night. I didn’t view it during the game, but after all the negative coverage, I was intrigued and had to look it up.

As a Christian who talks about her love for Christ daily on air, I knew before I even saw the video, I was pretty sure I’d like it. I mean, it’s “Focus On The Family” for Pete’s sake…not really “controversial” in my part of the universe.

But the way people have been talking about it, I was beginning to think it may be over the top. I heard everything at a local coffee shop from “it was way too Christian” to “Christ has no place in football” to “I can’t believe they thought they could shove church down people’s throats like that.”

After hearing all that chatter and reading all the negative press coverage, I figured I’d be in for a surprise. And I was. Just not the one I bargained for.

Do you find this video controversial? More controversial than say the half-naked ladies on TV during prime time? Or the frequent sex scenes on a station that touts family values? Or those Go Daddy commercials that make most women (and men) I know extremely uncomfortable? Or the reality TV shows that promote the farthest things from family or values? To me, these things are controversial. Kids chatting about God is not.
While the concept of “religion,” “Christ” and “salvation” may indeed make people uncomfortable in this day an age. Let’s put that aside for a second and look at this commercial based on its intrinsic value. No nudity, no swearing, no sex, no gore, no insanity. Just kids talking. I say score one for John 3:16!
In fact, I hope we see more commercials like this in the future. (Last year, by the way, another organization tried to get a John 3:16 ad aired during the Super Bowl, but was denied based on it’s “controversy.” Check that one out here: LookUp John 3:16.)

“For God so loved the world — The whole world. Everyone. Anyone. That’s a lot of people! – that he gave his one and only son – his only son — That whoever believes in him will not perish but will have eternal life. Wow!” Wow indeed.
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