Debbie Downer For A Day

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I hereby command thee to take a few moments and focus on the negative things in your life! Yes, this happy girl just gave you permission to be a Debbie Downer for a day.

count your blessings 

Count Your Blessings!

We often get sidetracked with the chaos, negativity or craziness of life. Sooner or later, if we stay focused on the negative, we become Miss Chaos, Miss Negative or Miss Crazy! Personally, I try to avoid these ladies whenever I see them coming!

That’s why I’m a firm believer in counting our blessings. God provides them each and every day and we need to acknowledge these special gifts…then tuck them away for a rainy day! Creating a mental or physical list can lift us up when life threatens to pull us down.

Growing Pains Are Blessings Too!

So let’s get positive by focusing on the “negative,” a.k.a. those awkward growing pains of life. They’re there for a reason. If we don’t face roadblocks, we can’t grow. God usually remains quiet amidst all that chaos. But when we take time to reflect; we realize God has been with us through it all. And He has been doing marvelous things! 

Make a blessings list. Then store it away for a rainy day!

Write down some of your darkest moments in life. Then reflect. How did you feel? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Depressed? How did God help you through these troubles? Are you stronger, wiser and happier? If not, maybe God is still at work in your life!

Catch Those Curveballs

Sure, life throws us curve balls. But that is exactly when we need to pull out a blessings list and catch ourselves before we become discouraged, overwhelmed, angry or bitter. That type of negativity creates a lot of frown lines; lines too deep for any ordinary wrinkle cream to tackle! So let God tackle them for you.

Let Your Diamond Sparkle

God seems to use the difficult times to smooth out our rough edges. I don’t know about you, but by the time I get to those pearly gates, I hope to be as smooth as a diamond.

Will you take the time to count your blessings today?

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