{overcoming trials}

Encouragement for overcoming trials. Life is hard, so next time the world is falling apart, let Jesus help put you back together. A grateful heart is a spiritual medicine necessary for overcoming trials. Take time to praise Jesus in your storms!

God’s Everlasting Love

You’ve faced many joys and sorrows this year, haven’t you? Me too friend, me too. We are just a few days away from closing the book on another year. I want to encourage you this week to join me and take some time to gain a heavenly perspective on this earthly life. And worship a …

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Oh These Things That I Love

I love how the Lord takes all the broken messy pieces of our lives and weaves them into something beautiful, to be used for His glory.  I love how the trials we face do not define who we are, but the way we face them (with or without Jesus) does.  I love how God uses …

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Time For A Little Perspective

Do you ever struggle with balance? I sure do.Literal balance, as well as work-life balance. Thankfully, I don’t have too many run-ins with the literal balance beams of life, minus the occasional curb I miss while walking and texting (oh don’t judge, you’ve done it too). But it’s so much harder to ignore work life …

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