{live for an audience of One}

God designed each of us so uniquely and wonderfully for a relationship with Him. We need to stop banging ourselves up when our walk with the Lord doesn’t measure up to how others live out their Christian lives.  Don’t be a cookie-cutter Christian. Stop comparing yourself to other Christians. Ditch the comparison trap and learn to live for an audience of One!

Stop Being So Judgmental

You know, I have yet to find a place in the Bible where God says we must only eat organic food and that all processed food is evil. I haven’t found a scripture verse yet to confirm that leggings are evil, even when worn modestly with long shirts. If there is scripture to back up …

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Struggling With Sovereignty

If you have been reading along these past few months, you know we have been dealing with the pain and despair that comes from infertility and a failed adoption. Thankfully, God is so faithful. I have been pouring myself into His word these days. Like obsessively, if you can actually become obsessive reading His word. …

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When Marriage Gets Bumpy

Back in 10th grade, I had a crush on this boy. He wasn’t a very nice guy. But all the girls were mushy gushy for him because he was nice to look at. I’m sure your high school had one or two of those boys around. That year our school held a Valentine fundraiser. We …

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Living With Purpose

There’s typically a plan and a purpose to the daily chaos, right? We run around like a chicken with our head cut off most days of the week. Between errands, housework, cooking, work and other responsibilities, we’re beat by week’s end! When the weekend rolls around, it’s on to family commitments, church activities, social gatherings, …

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Worship While You’re Waiting

I’m not a patient person. And if we’re being honest, you aren’t either. Long lines at the grocery store? Hate ’em. Long waits at the doctors office. So not a fan. I’ve done a lot of waiting the past few years. I’ve waited for biopsy results while laying alone in a sterile hospital room on …

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