Weary But Unbroken

I didn’t have a “nice” childhood. Or even an “average” one at that. I come from a broken home. Both parents suffered from addictions…addictions that made them say and do some pretty mean things to their children. I might write a little more about that someday. But just admitting it out loud to you is …

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Are You Suffering From Social (media) Insecurity?

I read a great post a while back, “Facebook Makes Us Miserable,” by Tim Challies that really got me thinking about the idea of social insecurity. Challies discussed how social media is leading to increased insecurity in America, esp. in women. It makes me think of this quote I see floating around Facebook (ironically) quite a …

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A Case Of The Crazies

I’ve had way too many ‘bad’ days lately. And I’m sick of it. Literally. This whole gluten-free living thing has been an exhausting roller coaster of crazy. Just because a large manufacturer says a product is gluten-free, doesn’t mean it truly is. There are no FDA standards regulating gluten right now. I can only take …

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