No more cookie-cutter Christianity!

Hey friend! I’m Nicki. A radio personality, writer and speaker who loves cupcakes, coffee, messy kitchens and Jesus. Just not in that order!

What’s your story? Mine is filled with so much heartache, betrayal, trauma, grief and anxiety. But God has been with me every step of the way. I’ve found so much joy and love thanks to being a daughter of a King.
Good news: God can use all our hard stuff to point people to Jesus and shine a light on His glory too!

We have an enemy who wants us to blend in with the crowd. But Jesus, He wants us to shine for Him.

My promise to you: We're gonna go deep here. Past the plastic smiles and the happy faces we put on every Sunday morning for church. We're hurting. Every single one of us. In some way or another. But somewhere, amidst all that sorrow, whether it's at the surface or tucked away deep inside, is an opportunity to find abundant joy in Jesus!

Live simply, love abundantly, be the special person God created you to be.

Live simply

Ever feel like you gotta have it all together? It's exhausting! We place too much value in worldly stuff. I believe in the healing power of authenticity. No one's perfect. Let's stop pretending, embrace our quirks and love others.

Love abundantly

Having faith doesn't make life all rainbows and roses. Life is hard. Jesus gives us hope in our hard stuff. He gives us the power to love the most unlovable humans. Jesus can soften hardened hearts. He's my superhero!

Be wonderfully you

You're special. There's no one like you on the planet. Aren't you tired of trying to measure up to unrealistic expectations? No more living like a cookie-cutter Christian. We're all a little messy. That's why we need Jesus!

Live for an audience of one.

Trying to fit in is exhausting. Instead of being a cookie-cutter Christian, let’s unwrap the beauty that God created when He made you. You’re unique. You’re special. You deserve to live your life showered in God’s goodness and grace!

Take the 5-day grace challenge. It’s free!

I love words.

I’m currently on air at a regional Christian radio network and write for print + online publications. Before ministry, I did marketing and communications for a U.S. Presidential candidate, a former Midwest Governor, a global nonprofit and two fortune 500 companies.
My work has been published in the Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times and many other large papers and trade publications throughout the U.S.

Creativity is my soul food.

I started a blog because I missed the creativity and fun that comes from graphic design and web development after leaving corporate life. I’m in the process of writing a series of children’s book for traumatized children. I love encouraging women to grow deeper in their faith and hang out a lot on Facebook!
You can often find me singing, baking, reading, taking long walks with my hubby or grabbing coffee with friends when I’m not writing.

Soul encouragement mixed with humor and gentle reminders to embrace God’s beautiful gift of grace.

Biblical truth and humor that encourages your audience to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord.

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